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    Иван (15.04.2017 17:10:50)
    Шоколад-фундук как? Не приторный?
    ClintonRox (19.01.2017 14:12:49)
    Tinedol – эффективное средство от грибка стопы, неприятного запаха и зуда.
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    виталии (16.05.2016 20:28:43)
    а в молдову доставляют
    WilliamKifs (12.05.2016 00:01:14)
    ?Jake's Roofing

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    New Re-Roofing- Residential and CommercialShakes- Cedar shakes are a classic, attractive, alternative to standard asphalt shinglesShingles- Avilable in a variety of colours and warranties, new fiberglass shingles have a class A fire ratingTorch-On- Commonly used to replace tar and gravel roofs torch on is durable, and waterproofMetal- Snap lock metal (hidden fasteners) and traditional metal available in assorted colours and gradesConcrete Tiles- A great way to express a unique design with a polished lookScheduled Roof Maintenance and Roof Repairs- See Central Island Roof Maintenance

    I couldn't be happier or more satisfied. I felt very secure that I was given fair value with extremely conscientious work . Iknow I have a roof that will last me for many years and that's a security that means a lot to me.
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    ?How to Write Effective Headlines Like a Professional Copywriter

    Everyone is born with a natural sense of curiosity, and as an entrepreneur, you can use this to your advantage for your marketing campaigns. For example, having an article with an interesting headline that hints at something great to come, people are going to read that article. So, you need to learn how to create headlines that are going to grab people's attention and make them want to find out more. Here are some ways you can do just that:

    Get right to the point: Make your headings ones that are going to reach out to your customers. Some examples of great headings include "5 ways to increase your money-making potential", "4 things to know about online shopping", "Credit mistakes you need to avoid", and there are many others. Let readers know that the article they are about to read will provide possible solutions to some of their problems.

    Use questions: This type of heading really gets attention because you are letting readers know that you have information they may be looking for. Here are two different headings: "Would you like to learn the 7 keys to staying out of debt?", and "Do you know what to do to stay out of debt". Which title is more appealing? Most people will find the question more appealing, because it alludes to some simple solutions to financial management. You would be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to use questions for headings.

    Use numbers in your headings: People seem to really notice numbers, and when you have headings that include number your headings are really going to get noticed by potential customers. Instead of offering "two for one pizzas", say "2 for 1 pizzas". It just seems to make more of an impact, and gets noticed more and gets responded to more than if you wrote the numbers out.

    Keep things simple: Don't make your headings complicated or long. A heading should not be a complete sentence, but a phrase that is short and to the point. Don't use big fancy words just to make your business look more important, because it is going to turn people off, either because they don't understand the words, or they find your articles pretentious. Short and sweet actually works best. Look at Nike's "Just Do It" and KFC's "Finger Lickin' Good". They are short and simple, and people remember them. Try to use the same principals with your headings for the best results.

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    ?Sexy at 79, Sophia Loren shares her anti-aging secrets and favorite recipe
    Think that the fountain of youth doesn't exist? Sophia Loren doesn't agree. Celebrating her 79th birthday on September 20, the legendary actress once said, "There IS a Fountain of Youth. It is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."
    Also helping defeat the signs of aging: Sophia's disciplined diet.
    "Be careful about what you eat," Sophia cautioned in an interview with OK magazine. "I eat a lot of salad, a little meat, and some fruit-that's all. But I like sweets."
    She also cautions about carbohydrates. "Too much bread is not good because you get fat <from>the] starch," she explains. "A lot of starch is no good."
    As for fitness, Sophia loves to walk. "I walk, walk, walk, walk-yeah. That's very good for your heart."
    Moderation is her mantra: "You have to take care of yourself. Eat not very much, relax a little bit, read, look at the sunset-you know, things that please you."
    But perhaps her most famous quote also reveals one of the key secrets to her serenity: "Everything you see I owe to spaghetti."
    In honor of Sophia's birthday, we're sharing what reportedly is her favorite recipe for spaghetti, according to Taste Book.
    Sophia's Favorite Spaghetti Ingredients
    1. Heat olive oil in a skillet. When hot, add garlic until blanched. Next, add the tomatoes, basil, sugar and salt, until blended. Lower heat and cook gently for 30 minutes, stirring every now and then.
    2. For a spaghetti dinner for four, Sophia suggests using one pound of spaghetti, and that you prepare the pasta in a six-quart pot filled almost to the top with water. When the water boils briskly, add 2 tablespoons of salt, if you wish. Then put in the spaghetti, a little at a time, making sure the water does not stop boiling. "Never overcook pasta," warns the actress. It should be served al dente -- which means that the teeth should feel the pasta -- it should not be a mush. Stir it now and then while it cooks so that it doesn't stick to the pot. Before pouring out the water, taste a strand or two to be sure it is the way you want it. If it is, drain it into a colander.
    3. Put cooked spaghetti in a large serving platter. Cover with the sauce, sprinkle with at least four heaping tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese. Mix well and serve. (Put a bowl of cheese on the table for those who want more.)
    4. With the pasta, Sophia serves a fresh green salad (no tomatoes, but maybe add mushrooms or olives) with oil and vinegar dressing, Italian bread, and a red wine. Sophia also likes to serve fresh fruit for dessert and, of course, espresso coffee.

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    Гаджи (27.04.2016 21:52:03)
    Заказал 2.2 думаю поможет раньше пил другие толку нет 2 года касаюсь барьба железки только не видно что протоин чето дает надеюсь что этот мутант даст
    Илья (11.04.2016 22:54:05)
    Хорошая вещь при долгих тренировках и приемом по инструкции, уже через 2 недели есть результат мышцы увеличились в объеме да и вес тоже с 85 до 93 кг.и да он очень приторный но привыкнуть можно.
    Андрей (02.03.2016 19:34:14)
    Отличный , жалоб и побочных эфектов ноль
    Алексей (07.02.2016 18:35:49)
    Смешно смотреть 4 кг 8 кг.... Чего??? Жира..это да
    мут@нт (16.01.2016 20:05:13)
    Взял 6.8кг За месяц набрал 8 кг был 72кг стал 80 пил 2 раза в день по 2скупа за раз исключительно с молоком но и питался 4-5 раз в день больше старался есть всякие каши рис гречу овсянку геркулес и мяса)) при этом щяс еще килограм генера взял) к сажелению набрал еще жира.
    павел (05.01.2016 23:16:37)
    Гейнер супер за неделю 4кг

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